Double Sidedness 2009

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Double Sidedness explores the polarities of understanding and the exchange of knowledge that occurs when looking at a photograph.

The Double Sidedness series is based on the interest of the way in which a photograph functions as an archival reference, focusing on how much our knowledge of history is framed through photographs. Much of our visual knowledge is based on the information that historic photographs provide, and to an extent has supported the common belief that a photograph is a true reflection of the way that something appears.

In an attempt to understand the framing of knowledge and truths within ethnographic and historical photographs, the use of archaic processes within this series offer various perspectives and addresses ‘ways of seeing’ and more recently ‘ways of not seeing’.

My quest for knowledge has led me to this.
The landscapes are forsaken, transformed beyond my imagination, reasoning and knowledge.

Exhibition History:
Land/Scape 2012, Papakura Art Gallery.
Make/Shift 2010, St Paul Street Gallery.